Escape From Cronos X Game Review

Escape from Cronos X is a hierarchical, activity-based RPG with a profound storyline. Battle your way through many activity-pressed missions to investigate Cronos and figure out how to get away from the planet. Escape from Cronos X release date is March 1, 2022. In this article, we are going to talk about the Escape From Cronos X Review.

Investigate the planet, where you will experience swarms of antagonistic animals and strong foes. As you attempt to escape from the lethal insidious framework constrained by the malevolent tyrant. Set off the charts up to save your kin. Investigate, snicker and cry with our gallant person!

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Escape From Cronos X Game Review

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Escape From Cronos X Review of Story

A review of the escape from Cronos X game

The story of Escape From Cronos X game is set in a world. Where humans have been forced into slavery by the evil robot known as Cronos. You will have to fight your way through many action-packed missions with up to 4 friends for you and their fates. While building up your character’s stats and skills you’ll be able to conquer many difficult levels while trying to solve puzzles and avoid traps in this 2D action RPG.

In order not only to survive but also get out of this awful place alive (and with some money). You should go exploring different areas of the planet. Caves, forests, deserts, or even the alien Mutterlands (home of the deadly star creatures). You’ll discover new weapons types, new armor types, and new strategies. And if that wasn’t enough there are lots of unique items waiting for you on every level! Escape From Crono X is an exciting adventure RPG that brims with the atmosphere! The graphics are very realistic so it was a challenge but also very enjoyable thanks to its great level design!

The core

The core gameplay is in your hands, as you can direct the character at any time, in any direction. Move at will — left, right, or up, down, or sideways! The game is almost entirely freeform (in fact, there are no right-hand stick navigation keys). You can even move around with the mouse!

While you are fighting your way through the mission, you will be briefing your character on the story so that he/she has a clear idea of what is going on. You can also see your progress and see where you need to go next. A handy map interface shows all the important locations about each other (the blue dot indicates where you are relative to the blue dot that represents where you need to go).

Escape From Cronos X Review of Weapons

You have 2 crafting slots — one for items and one for weapons (the weapon slot is not inventory-limited). And then finally there are inventory slots for all your inventory items. As long as you have room for them (about 6 inventory slots per person), all of which can be filled with consumables (which will be discussed later), that should be enough for most people’s needs.

If not, there are more consumable slots already made available by default and they can be upgraded with money earned through loot drops while playing; however, if you want more inventory space than those offered by default, you will need to use more consumable slots too (this also means that some specific items will require more room than others!). The game provides 3 types of consumable slots: 1) Small consumable slots: These take up only 1 inventory slot each; 2) Large consumable slots: Take up 2 inventory slots each; 3) Extra large consumables: Take up 4 inventory slots each!

You have a wide variety of ways that those small/large/extra large containers can be opened — but what counts as opening them? There isn’t any special mechanism needed; just move something from one container into another using the WASD keys on top of the screen, or press the spacebar on the keyboard if using a controller.) When you open something from either container type using WASD/.


The game is set in a sci-fi world and revolves around a group of people, who were accidentally transported to an entirely different planet. They are fighting to survive in this new environment, on a quest for their survival. The planet they live on has been destroyed in the recent past and they are all being hunted by the local wildlife. The only way to survive is by fighting off the wildlife with firearms and swords (as well as your own two hands).

The game is designed for 1-4 players, 3D computer graphics, so it’s best played with at least one person per screen. It features a single-player mode where you can explore the world with up to five characters (you can even create your own!) that you collect together using various items scattered throughout the world, from weapons to vehicles to your very own gun arm!

Getting started involves selecting your character type: there are four different types of characters to choose from; each character has its strengths and weaknesses depending on what kind of gameplay style you like (combat, exploration, or exploration/combat) and how much time you want it to take. You also have access to some general customization options, but it’s not yet finished…

Some customization options

Some customization options include: changing your character’s gender; changing the way he or she looks; tuning his or her weapons; changing his or her movement speed; slotting into special equipment (e.g., one that makes him immune to certain types of bullets); and more! You can also customize them as male/female or gender neutral! Click here for a rundown of all customization options. I’ll be sharing more details in future posts as they become available…

I highly recommend this game if you want an extremely challenging action RPG that doesn’t take itself seriously (which is probably why it has so many positive reviews). It isn’t intended for children, but if you’re only playing alone then don’t worry about it – there are plenty of ways for you both to interact with each other through chat! There are also different levels of difficulty so even if you have no experience at all there should be plenty here for anyone who wants something challenging!

You can pick up all three games for just $15 (including shipping) here. Just use promo code “FREEDOM” at checkout when checking out! If I was being generous I would give this


The Hero starts on a small island called Majella in a remote part of space where they are attacked by Cronos, a mysterious alien species with an uncanny ability to teleport between places at will. The Hero learns their secret and must figure out how to escape before time runs out!

As you progress through the game, you collect currency used to buy upgrades for your ship (which has various abilities including firing lasers). You can also acquire items that can help in combat and enhance your ship’s abilities. When you have enough money to buy everything but upgrades, it’s time to start making your way through space.

The controls are simple

The controls are simple: use left/right arrows to move around; up/down arrows shoot weapons; enter/escape open doors; jump into space by scrolling left/right using either shoulder buttons or D-pad; press A/X button when running into enemies for extra damage or defense against them (optional). There is also some stuff you can collect – like weapons that can be equipped – but the main thing is that there is no real puzzle or learning process. The Hero just needs to reach their destination before time runs out!

The best thing about this game is its lack of depth: it doesn’t require you to think about how to move around or what upgrades you need, it just does it for you! And I mean that in a good way! The only question I had was whether there was anything else I could do to make this game even more fun: things like finding special rooms (where enemies drop hints), trading items with other players, etc… But those things don’t add anything meaningful beyond co-op play with others (which is why I only gave this game 3 stars instead of 5) and they certainly wouldn’t help me figure out how much I should spend on upgrades if I wanted more variety in my gameplay experience.

Finally, there wasn’t any feature where this game felt unfinished or buggy: all elements work as expected with no.

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