Fired up game review

It’s a game for two to five players, playing time is medium, and it’s a moderately complex game. Ladies and gentlemen, sentient beings of all genders, welcome to the arena for tonight’s main event, a five-sided, last one standing, free-for-all to determine this year’s champion.

So place your bets on your personal devices while you still can, because the game ends after four full rounds of play and the winner is the player with the most points at that time. You gain points by successfully betting on fighters to complete different goals and by achieving highlights.

You will roll a bucket of dice. Card management: choosing the right cards to play is the key to victory. Play a turn, Fired Up Game Review: Each turn, you will have four highlight cards in hand. Choose two. You will try to score this round. You do not control any of the fighters directly; you are betting on and influencing them.

Fired up game review

To do this, you roll your six action dice. Re-roll them once if you want. Each action you take uses at least one die. The attack defense die increases a fighter’s combat scores. The thumb changes a fighter’s morale in the morale phase and can be placed up or down the speed. The target die lets you make one fighter act earlier in the round, and the target die changes which enemy this fighter is targeting.

If a fighter has a speed or targeting die on them, you can still take that action but use two dice. The 2x die can only be used with another die. You can spend two social dice to create any other die, and you can bank up to two social dice for later use. Social dice are also used to place bets.

You can only have one card for each fighter, but you can bet on each category more than once. Each time a die is used to influence a fighter, move this track down by one. Once it reaches zero, the fighter can no longer be manipulated in the morale phase. Move the morale disc up or down based on the number of thumbs. The morale position shows the maximum level at which a fighter’s attack and defense can be.

Adjust accordingly. Combat takes place in a high-srder. For example, the bull start of combat cards can now be played. The Bull has max armor, so you could score this one for three points, but not five, as they are only second fastest when the attacker rolls their attack scone in red dice and the defendenonr in blue dice.

Damage the fighters

Each die is matched up and resolved with rules for damage, wounds, counter-attack, and unblockable attacks. Damage the fighters accordingly and play any relevant fight cards for their victory points. Keep battling until all fighters are done, but if a fighter takes too much damage or wounds, they are removed from the game.

Why would you like this game? Fired Up is something a little bit different, a game that replicates a group of jeering, manipulative fans at a combat sports event, egging the fighters on to bigger and bolder expletives, and it actually delivers on this unusual premise.

The highlight system means you always have goals and the harder they are to achieve, the more points you will get, so fired up would be a good fit for a group that likes screwing with each other’s secret plans and then rolling a bunch of dice to see how the chaos unfolds.

The best thing about this game is that it’s something very different from the way the die system works. However, there are already some variables in this game that are worth mentioning. The combat system is very ice-heavy and very random as well.