Gangster Vegas originally known as Gangster 4 .Its an open world action game developed by Gameloft for Android And IOS. Its the fifth main installment in the gangster series.And it was released on June 7 ,2013 Gangster Vegas is preceded by Gangster Rio:City of Saints.

Gangster Vegas is set in a modern state las vegas,Nevada.The story revolves around Jason Malon,a skilled MMa Fighter who is targeted by frank veliano after winning in a match.

Gangster Vegas has elements from driving and third-person shooters,and features open world gameplay that gives the player more control over their playing experience.During its release.

It received mixed reviews from critics and players a like,whom they criticized the laggy grapics,animation and its also a update version.It was also a commercial success have download this games around 5 times.

And it has various Contents

2.Additional contents
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Gangster vegas is structured similarly to previous games in the series.To GTA and its numerous clones.The overall play area is much larger.players can free roam or partake in a number of side bank robbering,street racing and Underground Fighting tournament.Property management is also present.Allowing the player to gain income through business acquired.Professional MMA fighter Jason the kid is bribed by the powerfull mafia leader ,Don frank veliano,to take a dive in his fight against Pierrot Houston.

Frank veliano told Jason Malone to fall in the fourth round but Pietro falls before Jason can take the dive.he is chased by frank and his mafia before karen Olsen,the accountatnt and bodyguard of leatherface Montello,arrives and help him to escape.later Jason works for the Montello queenpin,karen and eric,a pimp and drug maker-deaker. mostly causing chaos against the velianos.

Gangster Vegas Phone Requirement:

Cpu :Intel Atom z2560 Dual Core 1.6 Ghz
Gpu:PowerVR SGX 544 MP2
Ram: 1GB
Storage :1.5GB
OS: Minimum android 4.1 /IOS need 6.1.6
Phone: Iphone 4 or Galaxy S2

Gangster Vegas Received Mixed to positive Upon release ,earning a score of 80 out of 100.This game called Open -ended,Destruction and praised the game’s graphics. Gangster vegas is a sloppy,empty experience with full of hollow-Eyed caricatures.