Hidden Deep Review

Hidden Deep Game is a puzzle platformer that takes you to a research facility beneath the ocean floor. You are a team of highly skilled specialists Who will have to explore and rescue the trapped people trapped in the facility. hidden deep release date is 27 January 27, 2022.

However, since you are part of an elite team, you don’t expect any help from other characters. It’s also important to note that these people have been trapped for quite some time now. A lot of them became lost in their research and never survived to come out again.

Hidden Deep is a game that has been developed with the intention of scaring people with a dark atmosphere and the fear of the unknown, but it could be done a lot better. The protagonist is initially very likable. But as the game progresses he becomes more unlikable and disconnected from the game world. It is also very difficult to figure out what to do as the game doesn’t have a very elaborate tutorial.

The Hidden Deep Game also has some pacing issues as the game is slow. In the beginning with no real action and then it goes into hyperfast mode. The game is also very buggy, with some parts not playing at all or even crashing the game. Which usually happens when the protagonist is navigating through small corridors. Even with all these negatives. I still enjoyed playing the game and the protagonist has a lot of potentials to be developed into a great protagonist in the future.

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Hidden Deep Game Review

These days, gaming has become a very saturated genre; there is more money being spent on games than ever before. And yet, for some reason, the vast majority of them are garbage. They are nothing but hollowed-out versions of a game that used to be so much fun.

But there is a hidden deep game out there somewhere. Hidden Deep is one of those games that was made with a distinct style and feel in mind. it still manages to be engaging and fun as well.

In Hidden Deep, you’ll need your skills as a team leader, as well as your creativity and stealthiness. in order to manipulate objects and solve puzzles within this little building complex. Hidden Deep has beautiful visuals, a nice audio design, good music (with background sounds), good controls.

Hide and seek? Hidden Deep is a 2D Action & Exploration Sci-Fi thriller which action takes more than a mile under the ocean floor.

Hidden Deep Review of Gameplay

The Hidden Deep is set in a research facility kilometers beneath the ocean’s floor. You also play the classic role of the search-and-rescue team. The game’s premise revolves around a team of scientists who are trying to find how deep the ocean is. And how many living beings can be found there. Hidden Deep has elements of adventure, puzzle-solving, and exploration. The game is partly based on popular films like Alien and The Thing. As well as famous novels like The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. As you explore, you will encounter various objects that will form part of your story. While also offering more challenges to go deeper into the game world.

It is also important to note that there are no unsolvable puzzles in Hidden Deep. I didn’t want to make an overly complicated game,” said developer Łukasz Kałuski. “I wanted something that would leave players wanting more.”Some of the things you’ll come across include a destroyed ship in an underwater area, an underwater creature trapped on a steel cable, and even a secret room is hidden underneath your character’s feet.

The Hidden Deep Game features varied mechanics such as climbing with interactive platforms. Shooting enemies with guns can be found throughout the environment. Collecting resources for upgrades, and collecting fragments for upgrades. It does not feature any specific type of platformer. There are no specific item progression systems or any other system. That provides players with information about what they need to do next. Instead, everything is done through exploration and trial-and-error experimentation. Which creates a sense of unpredictability that encourages players to try different things out when they’re given the chance to do.

Story of Hidden Deep Game

It’s a single-player game where you control a team of five people with different skills and abilities. Each one of them is dedicated to one task. You’ll have to find a way to escape from this facility and get out of there alive. You must avoid traps. you also try to figure out how to get through the many rooms and corridors of the facility.

You will have to search for clues and solve puzzles as you work your way through the facility’s interesting puzzle platformer that leans heavily on classic sci-fi and horror movies. But it feels more like a game, not a movie story is told in an episodic, continuous manner; it’s quite easy to follow but should be considered as an arc rather than individual chapters.


Hidden Deep has a smooth, amazing, and almost calming animation. The animations and graphics are really amazing. I really like the graphics. They’re really eye-catching and the animations and movements are really smooth. I like the graphics of this game. This game is so fun and addicting you will never want to stop playing it. It is one of the most addicting games that I have ever played. The graphics of this game is the best.


The levels also have a definite theme or style set by the developers. you won’t find any generic-looking holes or ruins here, instead. Each level features some sort of setting or environment that will provide players with different types of gameplay depending on what they’re looking for. whether it combats (there’s always some kind of enemy around), exploration. there’s always some type of object hidden underground, or puzzle-solving (there’s always some type of object that needs somehow be moved).

There’s even a bit of story involved here too – there are enemies coming from both above ground (in caves) and below ground (in secret areas). So you have to use your skills against them in order to progress through each level before heading back into the fray above ground once again! It’s quite an interesting idea that works well throughout all stages. This makes Hidden Deep an extremely immersive experience from start to finish if you’re into exploration, without being purely action-based like most platformers tend to be (which isn’t necessarily bad either).

The other main focus behind this title is definitely how breathtakingly beautiful it looks, which really makes Hidden Deep stand apart among similar titles on this list – not only does the art style fit its setting perfectly, but it also helps.

We hope

I hope you enjoyed my review of Hidden Deep. I could not resist the allure of this intriguing indie game and had to dig a little bit deeper. We hope you learned a little bit more about the game and got to experience it for yourself! If you would like to find out more, please visit our website at allgamereview.com. Thank you so much for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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