Horizon Zero Dawn is an action playing video game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PS4.The game was released in 2017.

This game played from a third-person view.Player can take control of Aloy,a huntress and archer,as she progresses through a post-apocalyptic land ruled by robotic creatures known simply as Machines.machine components, such as electricity and the metal they are composed of, are vital to Aloy’s survival, and she can loot their corpses to find useful resources for crafting.

Aloy uses a variety of ways to kill enemies,shotting  enemies with arrows, using explosives, and melee combat, weaponry and traps may be purchased from traders.Further, she is essentially able to hack a selection of creatures with the override tool, turing them into makeshift vehicles or traveling companions.

Aloy can also hide in foliage and ambush nearby enemies to ensure immediate takedowns.A focus scan allows Aloy to determine her enemies Susceptibilities, identify their location, the particular level they possess and the nature of loot they will drop.This game features an open world with a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system that can be explored without loading screens.

Corruption Zones constitute areas that heighten difficulty and are populated by infected machines that behave with more aggression.Twenty-six robotic creature are designed in the game.Save points and fast travel also added in the game.The quest structure unfolds to accommodate the exploration of tribes, while the main story covers the whole world.A dialogue wheel is used to communicative with no playable character.

About the Product

  • A Lush Post-Apocalyptic World – How have machines dominated this world, and what is their purpose? What happened to the civilization here before? Scour every corner of a realm filled with ancient relics and mysterious buildings in order to uncover your past and unearth the many secrets of a forgotten land.
  • Nature and Machines Collide – Horizon Zero Dawn juxtaposes two contrasting elements, taking a vibrant world rich with beautiful nature and filling it with awe-inspiring highly advanced technology. This marriage creates a dynamic combination for both exploration and gameplay.
  • Defy Overwhelming Odds – The foundation of combat in Horizon Zero Dawn is built upon the speed and cunning of Aloy versus the raw strength and size of the machines. In order to overcome a much larger and technologically superior enemy, Aloy must use every ounce of her knowledge, intelligence, and agility to survive each encounter.
  • Cutting Edge Open World Tech – Stunningly detailed forests, imposing mountains, and atmospheric ruins of a bygone civilization meld together in a landscape that is alive with changing weather systems and a full day/night cycle.


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