iStunt 2 is very much like a rollercoaster.iStunt 2 is a fun little physics racer masquerading as a snowboarding game.The physics are consistent,so what works in the first stage also works in the 42nd.The physics are fixed,so what works in the first stage also works in the 42nd.The sense of being just enough in control is cool,and adds to the overall thrill ride element of iStunt 2.

Just be ready for a lot of restarting,as iStunt 2 may be one second too fast,which leads to a lot of crashesh.But getting back up and mastering the obstacle is half of the fun.If we have any complaint about iStunt 2 its that,during all the fast-paced’ll ofen be expected to flip your character with superhumkan speed to keep his snowboard angled toward the time you encounter the obstacles,so expect to replay segments many times before you pass them.

But don’t let that small annoyance stop you from downloading this game.The level designs an iStunt 2 are the star of the show.You are along for the ride.iStunt 2 is full of clever and surpirising levels that remain exhilarating all the way through.iStunt 2 is a stunner


★ Stunning HD graphics!
★ Fast paced gaming with perfectly balanced tilt controls
★ 88 insane levels + more levels added regularly to keep all your extreme snowboarding needs satisfied!
★ In-game store with cool unique items!
★ Google Games services integration. Achievements and leaderboards – show you’re friends who’s the stunt king in these deadly slopes

Minimum requirement to play the game

• Need Kitkat to play this game
• 2 GB Ram Required
• Any GPU
• Must Have Android



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