The perfect game for the whole family, Kersplatt is a high-energy, tactile, strategic board game with a simple objective. Players can do battle against each other trying to be the first player to get two play pieces home. The game is easy to learn and the game is a lot of fun. This blog will look at how to get your family playing the game.

2. A Closer Look at Kersplatt

Just like any game, a Kersplatt review does not always have to be the most entertaining or enlightening. It can just be the best review for a game ever.

You may know about Kersplatt, but don’t know all the details. But if you’re going to play, you should know all about it!

Kersplat is a brand new family board game that is unlike any other board game that has come before it. Players will go head to head in a battle of creative mayhem in a bid to have the most points at the end of the game.

There are two main aspects of this simple yet strategic game:


1) The first player to score two play pieces (from three different colored sets) by putting them on their base and placing them against an opponent’s base is declared as ‘Kerplat’ and they will then score one point per play piece they put down on their base. The second player to get this achievement first has won the game!


2) Players compete for various objectives in order to be victorious. Some objectives include:

a) To get out of the graveyard fast – this objective stipulates that players have to move one space at a time towards their home base and can only move into spaces other than their home base once per turn.

b) To knock over an opponent’s play piece – when an opponent’s play piece falls off of its base, that player scores one point per play piece knocked over by his or her opponent (take note – these are not just any pieces). When two or more opponents’ play pieces fall off of their bases, the winner is determined by who has more points left at the endgame (i.e., if no winner is found). This objective becomes more challenging with higher levels of play!

c) To knock down all four playing pieces simultaneously – all four players must knock down their respective opponents’ playing pieces simultaneously if they wish to win this objective! You can only knock down one playing piece per turn, however; there are no re-rolls for battling against your own (re-rolls are allowed each turn but only once per opponent). When attempting this objective, pay attention and use your intelligence: some opponents have stronger abilities than others so be sure you’re using clever tactics when trying to accomplish this objective! The winner of this objective gets three points for knocking down each opposing playing piece simultaneously but remember you may not get three

3. How to Play Kersplatt

In Kersplatt, players take on the role of angry, self-righteous parents who are trying to instill a sense of societal order in their offspring. It’s a task they have chosen to do so by threatening to send their children straight into the furnace of unsupervised play.

In this scenario, players are parents who have taken it upon themselves to teach their children the fine art of being a responsible member of society. The objective for parents is simple: teach them how grown-ups act towards other people and steer them away from all forms of chaos and excess.

For this reason, parents quickly discover that any attempt at teaching their children about how important it is to share and be fair will fail miserably. The end result is that almost everyone ends up being an angry jerk, which often results in the destruction of everything around them.

And so it goes…

The game is played using a traditional two-player game board with sixteen square pieces, each representing one family member (and no pets). Each player takes one family member and places it in front of them on the board. The goal is to get all four family members home before time runs out or they all die. You may choose to place your family members in any order you wish; however, if you place your youngest son right next to his brother or daughter before you place your eldest son next to his father, you will probably find yourself with a lot more trouble than you expected!

Kersplatt rules

Kersplatt rules are simple enough that even a complete newcomer can pick up the game quickly. Once set up, each turn consists of three phases: move move move move move move move . . . . . . . . . . Move Piece. . . . ..move piece …move piece…move piece…move piece…move piece…move piece..move piece..move piece..move piece..move piece..move piece..make movement ..make movement..make movement..make movement…Make Movement Make Movement Turn (1) If a player does not make a move within three turns then he/she forfeits their turn and must wait until their next turn (2 turns). If another player has moved first then he/she may not be able to make another move until after they have moved twice (3 turns). If both players have moved first then they may not be able to make another move until after they have moved twice (


Kersplat is a platformer with a retro feel. Kersplat’s background and gameplay are reminiscent of the classic platformer games of the past. Unfortunately, the graphics are lackluster and the sound quality is poor. Despite these issues, the gameplay is enjoyable and the game is easy to master.

3. Not all games have good graphics, just because they don’t have good graphics doesn’t mean they are not fun. Kersplat is a game that is a lot of fun. It’s not very complicated and it’s easy to understand the mechanics. The graphics are not the best. The game is enjoyable and can be played by anyone. It’s a good game for kids and adults.

4. Conclusion

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We hope you enjoyed our review of Kersplatt. The game is very straightforward and easy to pick up, while still being strategic enough to provide a lot of variety. We hope that you could pick up a copy to see for yourself if you are interested in playing this new board game. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website at ___.

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