Kunai Strike Game Review

A cyberpunk-ninja FPS 3D-platformer. A lot has changed since the days of jumping on enemies’ heads and killing them with a sword. Technology has progressed, and now we have a new type of ninja. They are called cyberpunk ninjas, and they are one of the most advanced types of ninjas on the planet. This post is about the Kunai Strike game review.

They jump, they shoot guns, they rival the best of supers. The only problem is that cyberpunk ninjas are not meant to make a living. They are meant to kill the blue-skinned aliens known as the Kurgan. This is where the game comes into place. Do you have what it takes to be a cyberpunk ninja? 

Kunai Strike is a cyberpunk-ninja FPS 3D-platformer. You take control of a ninja and have to throw kunai and teleport to them across 5 individual levels. Chain teleports with wall runs and jumps to reach the goal in the fastest time and avoid falling to certain death along the way. The game supports both touch and controllers, with each having a different feel.

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kunai strike game review

If you’re looking for a game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, you might want to try out the new Kunai Strike game. This game is a cyberpunk-ninja FPS 3D platformer where you throw kunai and teleport to them across 5 individual levels. It may sound complicated, but it’s not. It’s a fun game you’ll be able to pick up in minutes and play for hours on end. Take a look at the game and let us know what you think.

The Kunai Strike is a challenging game for people who like a good challenge. It is a cyberpunk-ninja FPS 3D platformer that features an immersive open-world environment that looks great and is highly detailed. You play as a kunai-wielding ninja who has to teleport to reach a floating orb that is divided into smaller orbs that are in the form of a trophy. You have to get to the orb in the fastest time possible while avoiding enemies, traps, and the dreaded fall to certain death.

Game Features

The Kunai Strike Game is a platforming game with a ninja theme. The game is set in a cyberpunk world with a variety of levels. The levels are made up of platforms that can be jumped on, climbed, and maneuvered around.

The levels are made up of multiple paths and require the player to take a unique approach to progress. The game features a unique first-person movement mechanic where the player can teleport, wall-run, and jump along with high elevation platforms.

The player can also unlock a “ninja” mode that changes the camera to a similar view of the game as the ninjas would see. a player can then do a double jump, wall-run, and teleport through the level. The player can also do a “ninja” mode that changes the camera to a similar view of the game as the ninjas would see.

The game is focused on highlighting the player’s skill and speed on a variety of levels, with a local leaderboard system. This is a challenging platformer with precision platforming, teleportation, and wall-running. The game features five difficulty levels, with a time-trial-based level ranking system.

On each level, you have to traverse a maze of hallways, ventilation shafts, and high-tech facilities. You can use your kunai, shuriken, and special throwing stars to take down your enemies or the level’s AI. As you progress, the complexity of the levels increases and the enemies become faster and smarter. The game is 3D and uses a first-person perspective in a platformer style. The controls are keyboard-driven and mouse-driven. You use your keyboard to move and your mouse to aim. The game is designed for keyboard and mouse controls.


The Kunai Strike Review is a unique game with many unique game mechanics. The game is a platformer with a lot of platforming mechanics, yet the game is unique in the fact that it is 3D and there is a first-person view. The game has first-person movement, which incorporates teleportation and wall-running as well as all the other platforming mechanics. This game is a great addition to the gaming community, and we hope you enjoyed our review. If you want to find out more about the game, you can visit us at allgamereview.com.