NieR: Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by platinum Games and published by Square Enix For Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

The game released in 2017.The player of this game takes the role of combat androids from the units Yorba across an open world environment.

In addition to standard navigation on foot, using a special item can summon a wild animal the player character can ride. And in some scenarios, a flying mech is available for fighting enemies.

As with previous game, during navigation in some environment, the camera shifts from its standard third person view to an overhead or side-scrolling perspective.

The player can complete side quest for non-playable characters found in hub locations, where the player can also purchase items and pill which recover health.

Combat is action-based, with the player characters fighting enemies in real time in a variety of in-game environments.

During battle , the character can use light attacks which are fast and powerful. The character is also assisted by their pod, a flying robot assistant which launches ranged attacks which can be customized, varying from simple gunfire to a heavy-hitting hammer attack.

Characters can access four different weapon types in battle, the character can alternate between both weapon types and attacks to create combination attacks.

Attacks with different weapon types can also be charged up and launched for higher damage, Weapon stories, a recurring element in both nier and the Drakenguard series, where weapons found around the world to have stories attached to them, are also planned.





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