Palmi: Retold Tale Game Review

Palmi: retold Tale Game Review features a wide variety of gameplay modes. With the ability to choose from two different game modes at the same time. The release date of Palmi: Retold Tale is February 25th, 2022.

You can take control of your heroes and fight back against the evil sorcerer. Also, his minions in the lush forests, caverns, and overgrown villages. Discover new lands to explore with new characters, and meet different people in each land.

The main point of this review is not the story itself, or even the music or graphics. Because these have great potential. But rather how well the game supports its mechanics without detracting from them. The most important thing here is the support offered by Palmi’s body parts—head, arms, legs, torso, and legs. Which allows him to explore different landscapes while traveling through time with his friends.

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The main character of Palmi: Retold Tale

Palmi: Retold Tale is a platform adventure game featuring a young princess who has to save her kingdom from the evil sorcerer. The game starts by introducing the main character, Palmi, who is trying to save the world.

In this Palmi: Retold Tale Review, I will be exploring the gameplay, story, and music of Palmi: Retold Tale. This Palmi: retold Tale Game Review will be made with the assumption. That you have played the game and know what it’s all about.

Story of Palmi: Retold Tale

Palmi: Retold Tale is a platform adventure game on Steam. It is a fantasy-themed game with a unique concept. It features seven different hand-painted lands where the story unfolds and it is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack.

The Palmi: Retold Tale Game allows you to explore the world and navigate your journey. You are given a variety of tools to achieve your goal. You can also summon different people and creatures to help you, who will help you in different ways.

The core mechanic of the game is exploration, in which you move forward through time. You encounter different characters who each have their own story to tell. The Palmi retold Tale Game does not focus on combat but on exploration of different locations for key events. That will unlock new areas for progression through the story. You can also gather information from NPCs (mainly found in the town). Which will allow you to progress through the story too. And finally, there are individual quests that allow you to achieve specific objectives. That pushes you further into the world of Palmi: Retold Tale.


Palmi: Retold Tale is not a game. It is a story, a game, and an adventure. The game has no rules; the Palmi Retold Tale game requires you to be in the world of your imagination. It can be played alone or with friends.

The first step in telling this story is to tell the story of how we came up with the idea for Palmi and got it off the ground. We started as two friends who were trying to create games and adventures together. Once we had done that. We realized that we wanted to make something bigger: a game that had depth to it. That was easy enough for beginners to play but complex enough for experienced players.

We wanted the player’s experience to reflect their own life experiences—our characters are relatable (at least in part). The focus of the players, both young and old, is on adventure: exploring new lands and discovering fresh ways of doing things.

The team behind Palmi: Retold Tale Game Review (the name) works at an interesting intersection between development and design; as software developers, we strive for user-centered design on top of technical quality; but as designers, we are most interested in how things feel once they are in the hands of someone else.

Main hero of Palmi: Retold Tale

Palmi: Retold Tale is a hand-painted platform adventure game with a strong focus on exploration and story. The game immerses you in seven different lands with unique cultures, and provides an exciting narrative full of amazing events and meets.

The main hero has to defeat the sorcerer and save the world. You can play as either one of the two heroes (the boy or the girl) or as a child. Which allows you to control them in completely different ways.

The hero’s powers come from objects that fall from the sky or are dropped from above, and each item has its own special power. So you need to be careful that they aren’t used against you by the sorcerer.

Palmi: Retold Tale uses a three-dimensional space with both sides of the screen filled with unique items (the main hero will see these items as they appear on one side of the screen while he needs to find them on the other). You can move around freely, but you will have to hide behind some obstacles if you want to avoid trouble—like trees, rocks, or pillars—which will block your view or reveal a hole in front of you.

When a character is affected by an item. It will change color depending on which side of his body it is located on: blue for his left side and red for his right side. Palmi: Retold Tale has become quite popular amongst families visiting Poland. Who are very excited by its quality artwork, bright colors, and fun storyline.


You can take control of your heroes and fight back against the evil sorcerer and his minions in the lush forests, caverns, and overgrown villages. Discover new lands to explore with new characters, and meet different people in each land.

While playing Palmi: Retold Tale game review you may notice strange icons that appear on the screen for each item that you interact with (you can click them for an explanation). These icons appear when you press the space bar (or ⋮ key), or when you move in one direction (left or right), or press the space bar again. These buttons are called “PALMI”. We hope they will help you visualize what’s going on while playing the game!


Let us begin. By the way, if you want a review of a game. I’m more than happy to put up your review (and even more willing to put up my review). I’ll even do reviews of games that aren’t actually games at all!

For a week, I had the pleasure of playing Palmi: Retold Tale. The game is based on the manga series by Kji Yusuke and comes in two different editions. The original English version or an English translation with subtitles. I played both versions and decided to write a review for this one since it seemed that there wasn’t much in common between the two.

The story is set in five different lands of Palmi—with Palmi as the main protagonist and his friends as his only companions—and following him on his journey through each one is your job, as you are tasked with saving the day.

The first land you visit

The first land you visit is home to a small brother named Ramon. Who has been wrongly accused of murdering his little sister Marcela after she went missing? You find this out when he visits you at your office, where he confesses that he has done it. By then, it might have been too late because Marcela was already dead before she died from her injuries.

One thing that stands out about this land is that everyone seems to be extremely friendly towards Ramon, and everyone does their best not to hurt him. This would make sense given that most people believe that he has done something terrible. So they try their best not to anger him anymore (some even go so far as to try and make him feel guilty). Violette, however, is somewhat crueler and thinks it would be better if Ramon were dead because she hates him so badly (she also has someone else on her mind).

As time goes by, you find out why people seem so kind towards Ramon; they believe he was murdered by his friend Leo. Who had taken Marcela hostage and killed her just after Ramon came home from school (Leo thought too much about what Leo did). Leo managed to escape, but still managed to suffocate Marcela within three days in an attempt at suicide (the only other person who knew about the incident was Ramon). Leo then took off with Marcela’s corpse but was soon caught by some villagers who saw what happened and took Leo away while they told everyone else what they knew about what happened.

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