After few years at E3. Sony offered some of the most surprising and exciting press conferences. This year was one in which many gamers expected release dates as well as a few unexpected announcements. Alternatively, what gamers got was a near copy and paste of the show Sony put on at E3 2016.

We believe that it was Don Cheadle in Ocean’s Thirteen who said it best. “ You don’t do the same gag twice, you do the next gag. Well, Sony could have used that advice because they thought lightning could strike twice. Instead of captivating gamers with yet another stunning show, Sony threw out pretty much the same set of games we saw last year, in addition to one that was strikingly absent.

There were some of the announcements during the Sony show, but none of them carried the weight as they did during last year’s show. Games like Days Gone, God of War, Detroit Become Human and Spider-Man all felt distressed like surprises. Alternatively, they came across as predictable and something we knew we would see.

But the main thing which worse for me is the fact the most of the PS4 exclusives they showed off didn’t come with release dates. Of the aforementioned four major ps4 exclusives. God of War was one of the only games to get a release time frame. Yes, that’s right, a time frame, not an exact date.

This points to an even bigger issue Sony is trending toward. Revealing and teasing games far before they are ready for lunch. Hey, I love getting pushed for upcoming games as much as the next person. But come on, when are these darn things coming out? Say what you want about Microsoft’s press conference, but at least they come prepared with release dates and exact date for their Xbox One games. Sony came with trailers and a lack of dates.

All of this has gamers facing a rather weak and problem fall lineup of PS4 games. Sure, we will see the stand alone expansion of Uncharted: The lLost Legacy. Sony will bring an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. Even knack 2 and Gran Turismo Sport will lead the pack as PS4’s major exclusives. Without being affected by these titles, Sony has left me feeling quite disappointed and a little bit annoyed.

Sony is becoming predictable. They are earning the reputation of a publisher that can tease games great. But can’t deliver in a timely fashion. The fact that they closed with Spider-Man as their of for E3 was exciting. But still, it felt like something was missing. Perhaps it was the ugly presence of their closing games having quite a few quick time events. On the other hand, maybe it was the absence of another game.

Last year, Sony showcased The Last of Us Part II and this year, we heard nothing about it. I found this to be quite depressing, given the game has been in development for a year longer compared to when it was shown last year. Even though this was their big ending. it felt like a big let down.