The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest Review

Shoichi is a young man who was summoned to the demon world. To earn the chance to be able to return to the mortal world, he must complete the ultimate trial. After entering the contract with a witch, he is made to make an ultimate choice by the two princesses whom he ended up meeting at the trial. The legend of Shoichi began in the demon world, and the story of his journey is sure to be interesting. The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest is a mobile and PC game. This blog will share the thoughts and reviews of this mobile game.

At some point, Shoichi heard the call of a strange goddess. “Kindly come and bring down Satan!” Although it seems like a format, he actually came to the “evil presence world.” After meeting the two princesses and the ruler, he was made to make an “extreme decision,” and the legend of this young fellow started.

The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest game review

The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest is a Japanese company that is the pioneer of the RPG genre. The company was established in 2003 and has since created 50 different games. It is not just a single person or a single team developing these games.

They have a large team of artists, programmers, designers, and writers, as well as a production staff to help them create the best games possible. The games that have been released on the platform have exceeded 100 million downloads. This blog is a review of the company’s newest game, The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest.

With the help of his sword, Shoichi is charged with slaying the witch, the source of the evil in the forest. When he finally manages to kill the witch, he realizes that the forest has been saved and he has fulfilled his destiny. The young man begins to live in the forest with the two princesses and the king, enjoying their peaceful and picturesque life.

In the game, The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest, the player’s goal is to expel the evil which has taken over the kingdom. The game is suitable for all ages and can be fun for the whole family. The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest is a 2D side-scrolling platform game, similar to games like Princess Maker or Shovel Knight, with a generous helping of Japanese anime-style characters.


The game release of The Asmodian Princesses and the Witch in the Forest is a turn-based RPG. The game is for PC and for the first time on mobile. It is a 2.5D game with a plot that starts with the main character, a girl named Mikaze Shoichi, who gets a call from a goddess and then receives a “gift”.

It is a parallel world with both median and human tribes. Three races are playable: asmodian, human, and the “devil”. The gameplay is turn-based, and the heroine has to explore the 3D dungeon and defeat the “devil”. The plot has been well-received by the audience and is detailed in the blog post.

It’s an old-school-style game where you explore forests and mountains using a side-scrolling interface. The game features a retro style, old-school-style graphics, and a story that changes depending on your choices. The game also features a lot of boss battles and items to collect.


When you play a JRPG, you expect a great story with lots of twists and turns and lots of battles. This is the very first game from a new developer that introduces a new type of JRPG that is all about the story. The game starts with Shoichi, a young man who has just met the two princesses of the Asmodian royal family and the King.

After meeting with the two princesses and King, the King made a decision that would change the future of all of them. They have told you through a letter that you have to make an “ultimate choice”. Shoichi is then introduced to the world of Asmodia and the world of humans. You then take control of Shoichi and start a journey to find your wife, who has been taken by the witch in the forest.


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