Clash of Beasts Review

Clash of Beasts is a turn-based strategy game, where the player takes on the role of a mercenary who recruits and commands a legion of colossal beasts.

The game is split into seven chapters, each with its own overarching story. Each chapter contains a single scenario (a random sequence of actions by the player). The player’s goal is to complete all seven scenarios successfully, ending the chapter with the highest score.

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Clash of Beasts Game Overview

I am a huge fan of this game, but it’s a tough review to write without sounding like I am bashing the game. I bought it on sale at my local store, and while there were some issues with the game itself (e.g., crashes, performance). I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as a very good deal if you want to play a 100-card deck of creatures.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Clash of Beasts, players take the role of a mercenary who carries the mysterious spark of the Beastmaster, giving them the ability to collect, breed, and command legions of giant beasts.

This is a very strong review in many ways. It starts with a strong premise by showing off the mechanics and gameplay surface without getting bogged down into technical details. The reviewer doesn’t go into too much detail here as he doesn’t want to spoil anything. He also uses his usual humor by putting in a caption explaining why the game wasn’t reviewed (that’s what this is for).

What I like about this review is that it clearly shows that we have something going on here and isn’t merely just another review. It is also nice to see how people are generally not so harsh towards us as usual on Steam. That’s good for our reputation!

Collecting Beasts in Clash of Beasts game

Clash of beasts is a 3D action game – you will have to fight your way through hordes of monsters, each with its strengths and weaknesses to overcome.

The game is based on an original concept by Gogoro, the team behind the famous motorcycle ride simulator “Gogoro”. In comparison with other games, it features a unique feature: the player can collect various kinds of beasts.

The player starts with limited resources and must collect beasts to grow stronger. The player will be able to breed different types of beasts and combine them into larger ones. Collecting monsters grants experience points and boosts which allow you to improve your stats and evolve your beast.

The game is similar in style and design to Clash of Clans (another mobile game by Gogoro) but has its mechanics, so it’s a great choice for non-gamers who are interested in getting familiar with mobile games.

Breeding Beasts

Both the game and its review were created by a very talented and knowledgeable team of industry professionals. The game itself is a fun one, with a wide range of strategic possibilities and some good ideas for how to use the special abilities provided.

The Clash of Beasts review, on the other hand. was written by someone who has very little experience with games in any capacity. Let alone RPGs — and in no way reflects the experience of our team or anyone else at Square Enix.

This is not to say the review is bad or that it should be ignored; far from it. It’s an outstanding review that provided excellent insight on certain aspects of the game and was overall credit to both the reviewer and company.

However, we believe it came across as amateurish in comparison to many other reviews posted on this site. This is particularly true of its conclusion: “…the balance between strategy and player choice isn’t fairly represented in Clash of Beasts”

Whenever someone says this kind of thing. It usually means two things.(1) we are probably not doing enough to make players feel like they are making an impact on their beasts (and thus their development). Or (2) our strategy is flawed so that players won’t be able to make an impact on their beasts either. In both cases, we believe these statements miss the mark about our game design philosophy. Trying to make meaningful choices for players is what makes this game great!

Evolution & Training

For the first time in Clash of Beasts’ history. We’re reviewing a game from both the evolution and training point of view. For the sake of clarity, let’s just call it clash-of-beasts.

In this review, we are going to focus on several aspects:

1) The evolution aspect – what makes this evolutionary model work and how can it be improved; 2) The training aspect – what makes this evolutionary model work and how can it be improved; 3) Strategies – what tactics work best for players, even if they are not always obvious; 4) Conclusion – is there anything else that should be considered?

The Battle System in Clash of Beasts

Clash of Beasts is a 2D turn-based strategy game. That centers around the player’s ability to command an army of enormous beasts. It combines a fantasy theme, with mechanics that are reminiscent of classic turn-based strategy games. Such as Warcraft III and Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Clash of Beasts game has been developed by a small group of independent developers. Under the banner of Stardock Entertainment (formerly known as 3DO Interactive). It was first released in 2010 under the name “Clash of Cages”, and received positive early reviews. In August 2013, Stardock Entertainment announced that the game would be re-released under its proper title.

The game received a generally positive reception from critics. Most notably for its Battle System, which is based on a turn-based tactical combat system. The review scores were generally favorable, with Metacritic giving it an average rating of 77 out of 100. For Windows and Mac OS X systems and 68 out of 100 for Linux systems. Reviewers praised the variety in creatures seen in battle. As well as its ability to engage in both cooperative play and competitive play between players over persistent network connections.

The Story & World

The game is a 2D turn-based strategy RPG. Where you take the role of a mercenary and have to recruit, breed, command. Then defend your forces against the hordes of enemies. This type of game is not very well known by the general public. But it’s an extremely popular genre in China. The developers did not expect that people would be so open to trying it out.


The game design of Clash of Beasts is pretty unique. The goal of the game is for the players to collect animals and breed them, but you can also take control of beasts in your army, called a swarm. The player begins by collecting an animal from the wild and assembling it into a swarm.

The animal can then be controlled by the player through a series of cards that produce special abilities or actions. Each card has 3 abilities:

  • Bonuses: These are bonuses to (or penalties against) your swarm
  • Powerful: These are effects that affect all creatures in the swarm
  • Weak: These are effects that affect only one creature within the swarm

You can build up a huge army through breeding. But your creatures will die if they are taken out of play before they reach their full development. Which means you need to pay attention to what you do with each card. You can only breed an animal once per turn. When you do so, it will be placed in its final position on your board, and all other cards will remain on the field. This means that trying to breed certain animals at once simply won’t work. You have to choose which one you want first, then wait for it to grow into its full form before breeding it again.

This is where Clash of Beasts differs from most other games in this genre

instead of simply allowing players to build a massive army and crush their opponents with brute force. Clash of Beasts gives players the ability to influence their opponents through manipulation and strategic thinking. Which makes for much more strategic encounters than just brute force. It might be one reason why this game has been so successful so quickly. Such a powerful strategy is not something that many other games have tried or succeeded with before (usually due to complexity).

This was something we wanted to get right when designing Clash of Beasts. We wanted players who were used to playing traditional games like Risk or Civilization to appreciate. How different our approach was (and yet still work well with them). It should be said upfront that Clash of Beasts is not just about strategy. it’s also about strategy-in-action. Just as gamers love action and adventure games because they’re getting up close and personal with some truly nasty bad guys. Our game allows players a chance at being heroes as well as villains. But only if they take advantage of some amazing power-ups crafted by cleverly designed cards/activities.

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