Claus Adventure Game Review

Claus Adventure is a platformer with elements of Metroidvania, where the player, to pass some levels, needs to acquire and use various items. The game has a very simple story and there are only three main characters: Klaus, a young boy who has been through very bad times and who is unsure as to what he wants; Nora, an old woman who knows what she wants and can be seen as an unreliable narrator; Anton, a guy who teaches Klaus how to find his strength and agility.

Claus Adventure Game Review

You can help Klaus by collecting coins to unlock new levels.

yourself using weapons found in the levels, and use your skills to fight your way through the many enemies placed in each level. The game is played on a 2D plane, but you can move directly above (and below) the ground with controls which include:

– Jumping: jump left or right

– Pushing/Pulling: push or pull yourself up or down

– Swinging: swing from side to side

– Rolling: do an automatic roll

– Walking (1 block): walk one block sideways then drop down from there

The hardest part about playing this game is trying not to fall off the platform when you’re doing some of them! At first, Klaus is probably going to find it hard to master these controls, however, he does have a few helpers who will make things easier for him. Click here for more information about this game!

Gameplay of Claus Adventure Game

The game’s main character is Claus, a small boy who must find the right path to pass each level. The player has limited health but an unlimited amount of skill points, which can be spent on new abilities (like his ability to glide).

The gameplay starts in a cave, where Claus needs to find his way through various rooms, finding each one with different obstacles. The game features two difficulty modes: medium and hard.

In medium mode you will encounter many blocks and enemies; in hard mode, you will start with only the flying ability and no other skills.

Claus has eight different skills that he can use at any point in the game:

– Flying: allows you to glide from platforms and fly over obstacles without falling down

– Wall Climbing: allows you to shoot down from higher ground platforms and other objects

– Clamber: allows you to climb walls by shooting rocks out of your hands while holding them at an angle

– Fatigue: decreases Claus’ health bar when he reaches certain locations or runs out of air supply (Claus will not die)

Special ledges that allow

Bomb Jump: allows Claus to jump into special ledges that allow him short bursts of air (Claus will die if he falls off too many times) – Shielding: protects Claus temporarily from enemy attacks – Flying Helmet: prevents falling damage – Bomb Vision: gives Claus a temporary boost in power should he hit a bomb  (2 shots for each powerup) – Glide: lets him glide indefinitely – Shielding Helmet:

prevents damage from enemy attacks – Boost Helmet: lets Claus fire powerful shots when hit by any source (2 shots for each boost powerup) – Gliding Helmet: grants permanent flight capabilities  (recharges after every mission)  As a bonus two secret achievements unlock after completing all missions. In addition, there is an “Amazing Mode” unlocked after getting all achievements in Normal Mode. It is a short challenge mode where you earn extra lives or special bonuses depending on how well you do at the original levels. Overall it makes for quite challenging gameplay but

Graphics and sound, is it good?

Graphically, Claus Adventure is a good game. Backgrounds are a bit flat and feel somewhat too “flat”. Character faces aren’t particularly attractive and some of the animations look like they were rushed in the last few weeks.

The sound design is solid and the soundtrack fits the game well.

As I said, it’s not one of those games that stands out as something special or different from other games (though there are many games with strong graphics and decent sound), but it is pretty good overall.

By the way, do you like this type of graphics? Is it your thing? Why or why not? Let’s discuss!

Story Claus Adventure

Klaus goes on a journey, being inexperienced and weakened from the summer chaos, he tries to find his strength and agility that will allow him to reach the end of his journey and return to his world as a strong and experienced Klaus.

Claus Adventure is an action platformer with elements of Metroidvania. It’s not a game you play for hours, but it is one you can play for a little while.

In this review, I discuss the game’s strengths and weaknesses, my experience of playing it, my view on its potential value as an action platformer, and its future development. It’s by no means an exhaustive review but more of a general overview aimed at giving wider readers an idea of what they can expect from this game in terms of content and overall quality.

Visual Style

As a total newcomer to the world of platformers, I am mainly interested in the visual style of the game. It is a simple and colorful game with cute characters (the protagonist Claus) and beautiful environments.

The main concept of the game is its exploration: you need to find the different skills and items that you need to pass each level. Some levels require a certain number of certain objects, while some have a specific time limit after which you have to look for it.

The graphics are bright, colorful, and abstract. There are many vistas, but in general, they are often not too interesting depending on what you want to do there. You must move very quickly through missions because there is no pause button. You must memorize what skills can be found in each mission because this will make it easier for you to get through them (and faster).

A lot of attention has been paid to detail: enemies are painted realistically, some funny animations and images were created by hand with great care. The music fits well with the atmosphere – it’s pretty loud whenever they kick in – while at times it’s quiet or mournful.

I think that Claus Adventure looks beautiful despite its simplicity and low budget. I would love to see this game published on Steam or other digital distribution channels (I don’t know if any exist). It would be great if there were more platforms where I could play games like this one (I still don’t own an Android device).


After spending a week or two with Claus Adventure, we can say the following:

– It is a great platformer. You can find it very easily in one or two hours.

– It is clear that the game tries to tell a story.

– The game is not good at all.

– The game has no replay value (you won’t want to play it again)

Why do we say that? For example, what should you do with an item that you have found? Should you keep it or trade it for something else? What happens if you die in the middle of a level? Should you go back to the beginning and start all over again, or try to complete it as quickly as possible? Or will you have to look for another way out of the cave, pushing yourself further and further down into a world where magic and monsters are waiting for you? Will some bosses need special skills? Are there any items that can kill multiple enemies at once on their own? Is there even a map in this world at all? Do some characters have more health than others and are there any differences between them (e.g., does one character have more health than another)?

Are there any different levels

Are there any different levels within each location (e.g., some areas include underground tunnels)? Does each boss require specific skills or abilities from other characters to defeat him/her/it successfully (and what are those skills)? Does every character have some sort of special ability that makes him/her/it impossible to beat without his/her/its help (e.g., one character has “the power of creation” or “the power of souls” etc.)? In fact, how many different bosses will be encountered throughout the game’s single-level(s), and which ones will be hard enough to beat by yourself but not too difficult so as not to deter anyone from trying?

How many different skills will be used by characters throughout the game’s single level(s) (e.g., hitting them with your sword while they’re running away from you also gives you extra speed)? Will this speed allow them to pass through walls, jump over pits, climb tall buildings, etc.? If so, how tall are they able to reach on their own while avoiding being hit by bullets fired by other characters who may be shooting bullets at them while they’re being chased by enemies who may be shooting bullets at them when they’re jumping over pits, etc.? Can characters run faster than normal.

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