Zombie Death Quota Review

The game has three unique game modes, different skills to unlock, and an in-game shop to purchase new weapons. Not only that, but players can also use the in-game currency to spend on bundles of new items not accessible through the in-game shop. One of the first things players are reminded of is that there are over 20 different zombies to handle, each one with its unique abilities. In this article, I’m going to talk about Zombie Death Quota Review. The zombie death quota release date is Fri 13th, 2022.

As welcome as the introduction is, the game does come with some downsides. The game does run quite slowly on your mobile device, forcing some players to wait for a higher frame rate.

Want a zombie game that is fun? If you are looking for a fun game to entertain you, then you might want to check out Zombie Death Quota Game. This is a great game that is challenging, but also enjoyable. The game isn’t too complicated and the controls are easily accessible. The game gives you a variety of weapons to choose from where you can test your skills.

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Zombie Death Quota Game Review

It’s hard to be a good team player when it’s just you out there on the field but this is about to change for you. You’ll soon have a friend who will be able to help you out in a tight spot. Her name is Della, she’s a Special Forces operative and she’s got the skills to back it up. She’ll be fighting zombie hordes with you so she can bring you back to safety. She’s got a grenade, shotgun, sniper rifle, and flames. All she needs is your help.

zombie death quota features

Zombie Death Quota is a thrilling action-adventure game where players explore a mysterious and deadly island filled with zombies in search of the containers containing the biowaste that is causing the outbreak. The game consists of 13 levels with increasingly difficult challenges.

The zombie death quota game is the perfect game for you and your friends to play. The game offers you several features that make it one of the easiest games to play. However, the game is not without its challenges. For example, you have to be on the lookout for the small, green zombies that lurk in the dark corners of the game.

These zombies will steal your grenade, shotgun, and rifle from you, which will leave you at a severe disadvantage. Overcoming these challenges is what will make the game fun for you. The game offers 13 levels of increasing difficulty. In the first level, you get to choose your weapons, but the zombies will steal them from you. The second level has the zombies stealing your rifle, the third has them stealing your shotgun, the fourth has them stealing your grenade, and so forth. When you kill a zombie, you will gain points. The more points you get, the more levels you can play. 

zombie death quota graphics and music

The graphics are extremely well done. The zombies are like they are real and they are burnt. I like the music it starts very scarily then it turns into background noise. The noises sound like they are real and it is not annoying. The graphics are pretty good.

There are three different game modes: Classic, Deathmatch, and Survival. The game has good graphics, blood and gore, and scary music. The developers of the game paid attention to realism, although it is a bit cartoony. The graphics look real, the sound effects are very intense and sound real, and the music is very intense and sounds real. It is a game that people can play to have fun, but it is also a game that people can play to be scared.

I think the sounds and music are good. The game is fun. If you go for the zombie death quota, you can see the zombies get cut in half, and you can watch their heads explode. 

what you do in-game

In Zombie Death Quota game, the player is tasked with exploring an island for 3 days to find the bio-waste containers and neutralize zombie threats. The player can also collect guns, ammo, grenades, and health packs scattered around the island. The zombies are found in the form of different colors, and as the player neutralizes them, they will turn into different shades of grey. Once the player has neutralized a certain amount of zombies, the game ends.

In the game, the player is the leading character who is tasked with exploring the island and collecting items to help fight the zombies. The player’s goal is to find enough zombie bio-waste containers to achieve their Zombie Death Quota. The player must find weapons such as guns, ammo, grenades, and health packs scattered around the island to help them in their mission.


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