The Upturned Game Review

The Upturned Game is a unique game with a variety of features that are sure to keep you entertained and is a great choice for players of all ages. The Upturned Inn is a point-and-click adventure game where you need to survive an ordeal of the weird and wonderful. The upturned game’s release date is March 23, 2022. In this post, I’m going to talk about The Upturned Game Review.

The game features 10 different monsters with their own personalities, each with its own weaknesses and strengths. The monsters use different methods to attack you and can be defeated in a variety of ways. You begin the game with a little-known item called a “ghost portal gun,” which you can use to manipulate the environment and defeat enemies in different ways. In the meantime, you will also find collectible items, such as keys and copper coins, that give you more powers.

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Game Profile
TitleThe Upturned 
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
GenreIndie game, Action game, Adventure
Initial release date23 March, 2022

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The Upturned Game Review​

If you are looking for a game to get your mind off of things or want an interesting game to share with your friends, the game is a good choice. This game is similar to games like candy crush or Bejeweled, but the twists on this game make it interesting. 

The game starts with you picking out one of the different monsters that you can play as. The monsters are all unique in their personalities and goals. As you progress in the game, you will unlock more monsters. You will find more monsters in the different places you visit in the game. The game is more about figuring out the goals of the different monsters, and then figuring out how to get from place to place. The game itself is also very simple to pick up and play, which is a big plus.

The game is generally referred to as a “black and white world with a hint of color” as the colors are there, but they are muted. To break the monotony of the game, there are a lot of “color moments” that happen in the game. The idea is that these colors are what add vast amounts of color to the game and make it more interesting.

The Upturned Game Features

The Upturned Game is a game about exploration, stealth, and horror. This game has players explore a sandbox environment where they are the only thing that can kill them. When you start the game, you are dropped into an abandoned hotel and given the task of exploring and securing it from monsters. 

The monsters in the game are categorized into different levels of aggressiveness. These levels are based on the type of monster and how it attacks. One level of aggressiveness is the calm approach, where the monster will walk around and you can look at it before it sees you. Another level is the “loud approach,” where the monster will run at the player or startle the player with a loud noise.

 There are also other levels of aggressiveness, such as the ground approach, where the monster will walk through the player. There is also the small approach, where the monster will attack the player with a small creature.

The upturned graphics​

The upturned graphics​

The graphics are great and the game is really fun. The graphics of the game are good but there is not much detail, which makes it hard for the player to know what to do, which can lead to frustration.

The Upturned Inn is a unique game with beautiful graphics and a surprisingly deep story. The player takes on the role of a dead person who has come back to life, and they must find their room at the Upturned Inn. The gameplay is a combination of action and adventure. 


We hope you enjoyed our article about The Upturned Game Review. It’s about a cosmic horror that has come to pass, and it’s up to you to help unravel the mystery. If you are looking for a game that is hard to get into, but very fun, we hope you found it to be a good game. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

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